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Intelligent Feature Auto Selection


I was wondering if it is possible (in Basic MSI), to work out the following example:

Imageine a produs with let's say Features fA and fB.

In the CustomSetupDialog, when the user selects feature fA,
the feature fB gets automatically selected also, depening on a condition.

--This condition is the value of a property set before the CustomSetupDialog shows up.

Is this possible ? I was thinking a kind of solution like the WatchScroll - event or the License Agreement Dialog, but that works with a .dll custom action ... can this be done with some InstallScript action ?
or is it simply not an option ?

Thanks !
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Level 3

really no one ?
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Level 10

In MSI installations, features should not be dependent on other features at the sibling level.

To adhere to this, you might want to restructure your feature tree such that Feature A is a sub-feature of Feature B. This way Feature B can be selected without Feature A, but if Feature A is selected, then Feature B will always be selected as well.
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