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Installshield 2020 - COM application registration fails when Component wizard is used to add to project

 I have a projecxt that has 8 COM EXEs that are being put into our msi installer. These 8 are bundled into 1 component with non set as a key and all set to self register. Recently two of the 8 stopped getting registered when the msi us being installed. I do not see any difference between these 2 as they have worked in the past.

I have removed these from the grouped component and added them two back in as separate components through the Component Wizard. Now these two will get registered when installed but now they are running and the installer will hang. We will need to kill their process for the installer to continue. Similar errors occur also when trying to uninstall. 

I have tried several differebnt ideas but cannot seem to come across the correct solution. Any ideas would be helpful.

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