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Installscript project - changing product name

There was an old thread on this (, but the question was not really answered.

I have a pure Installscript project and would like to use it for a new product which would share a ton of common installscript code, string entries (many localized), etc. In Installscript MSI I can define a new Product configuration and override the product name/guid/etc. fairly easily. However, the only setting in releases for a plain Installscript project seems to be "Init dialog Product Name" on the Setup.exe tab. I figured I could also use the Compiler Preprocessor Defines and then override the product name in script by setting IFX_PRODUCT_NAME and/or IFX_PRODUCT_DISPLAY_NAME, but when my welcome dialog comes up, I see the original product name even though I built the new product's release.

Am I missing something here? I need to be able to change the product name as displayed at the top of each dialog ({product name} - Installshield Wizard). It would be shame to have to maintain a nearly duplicate project just for this one detail.
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Did you check inside the installscript [setup.rul] if its defined there? Also check the string table entries.

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Anand, thank you for trying to help.

I found the script variable which needed to be changed to alter the title bar in dialogs: IFX_SETUP_TITLE
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