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Installscript exe asking for path to itself on install

I searched for my issue and found this thread
I hate to post a question that has already been asked but no final solution was given to the issue so I will ask again.

I have an Installscript project that does some system validation then copies down an exe file and an xml file to the system. That's it. The exe file is rather large, aobut 500MB. I am building the installscript as a single file exe. I opens fine, I click NEXT. The copy window with progress bar and destination path including file name appear. About halfway through the copy (according to the progress bar) I am prompted for the installscript created exe file. This is running from cd and the cd drive letter is pre-populated in the box so all I have to do is click next but I cannot seem to correct this. I have never had this happen before and I cannot figure out why it is now happening. Please help.

Thanks in advance.
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Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran

When a packaged (compressed) InstallScript setup is installed, it will attempt to use the installation package from the original source location to copy files to be installed (from; this file is not extracted during initialization to save time). If there is an issue accessing this location (for example, the original source location was removable media that is no longer accessible), the OnNextDisk event will be called to prompt for the location of the original package (in this case, the disk is specified as -1, as can be seen when adding OnNextDisk to the setup script in your project).

The following errors will trigger the prompt for the source location of the package:

You may be able to use Process Monitor to determine what status is being returned when the setup first attempts to access the setup package.
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Level 4

Thank you. this will give me something to look at. I was wondering if it was breaking my file up into multiple parts since it is so big (500+MB) and that might be why it is prompting at what appears to be the 60% copy mark.
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