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InstalllShield 2020 R3 installer won't register Visual Studio 2019 extension

Hey there,

first of all: Happy new year and make 2021 a better year  in front of all without CV19.

I've had installed IS2020 R3 (in co with old IS2018) but the extension isn't registered with Visual Studio 2019 16.8.3

TSConfig.exe /unregisterVSIP  followed by TSConfig.exe /registerVSIP  doesn't help.

After restarting VS2019 all Projecttemplates failed (Create New Project). On the second try to create a new Project the Templates are there but without Installshield Templates.


BTW: I installed DevExpress 20.2.4 after restarting the System without any problems. The DevExpress Templates are shown without any problems. 


Best regards


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Level 3

Hey there,
after new year I tried to find out what happend and all of my  .templateengine json Files where filled with NUL Values. Therefore reading the Templates failed. 

My Solution was:

1.) close devenv.exe (Visual Studio)

2.) In Explorer  go to %userprofile%\.templateengine\vs\<your installed vs version>

3.) rename you *.json Files by adding _old   (example   settings.json_old)

4.) restart Visual Studio 

Now I can see Installshield Extension in VS and the .json Files are wellformed and readable.


Maybe this is helpful for others too.


Best whishes for 2021