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Installing SQL Server as a Feature Prerequisite

I have a question about installing SQL Server as a Feature Prerequisite. It seems that if I do this that I cannot take advantage of the built in SQL Scripts as this tries to execute prior to the sequencing of the ISInstallPrerequsites event in the UI event.

I was hoping the execute sequence would still take care of executing the sql scripts for me without having to sequence the UI portion of the login script, since SQL is not installed on the target computer yet, login will always fail. All I want the scripts for is to attach mdf files after they are installed.

Has anyone else had any experience handling this sequence of events?

I need to handle installing SQL Server as a feature prerequisite because not every target computer should have SQL Server or the mdf files installed. The user should specify if the computer is the main computer or a client computer. Then features install level are set based on the user's input. There is no easy way to communicate this choice to a user in the prerequsite editor.

Thanks for any tips.
Also, the key action that the SQLLogin dialog seems to add is ISSQLServerValidate. Can I just add this action to the Execute sequence as long as I have provided all the connection information in my SQL connection string?
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Level 13

After having resolved some other issues, and now getting a good log file. The installer is executing the script; the problem is that my script has some type of syntax error that I need to resolve.

Unfortunately it only gave me the the last line number as the source of the error. 🙂 Perhaps I cannot include GO statements in the SQL script that allows me to attach separate databases within the same sql script?
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you can customize the SQL dialog to create new instance of SQL or select existing instance to run the SQL script.

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