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Installing SQL Express 2014 with a custom action

I've been installing SQL Express 2008 SP2 with my InstallShield setup (Basic MSI) using a custom action.
It's not pre-requisite or feature-based requisite. I have a dialog asking user if they want to install SQL Express.
Now comes the time to update SQL Express to 2014 version.
But, I found out yesterday that Microsoft has changed how SQL Express installs from 2008 R2 and up to restart Windows Installer service in the middle of the installation, so it can't be spawned from InstallShield setup.
They even say it here:
I saw someone's posting saying to make it pre-requisite, but I'd like to give users a choice whether they want to install it or not.
Since it's been a while since Microsoft released SQL Express R2, I'd like to believe that someone must have had a workaround for this.
Could you please share how you got around this issue?

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were you able to install sql express 2014 via installshield ?

Thank you
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Yes, I was.
The key was to add "/SKIPINSTALLERRUNCHECK" in the command line.
Hope this helps!
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can you please explain me how you have use the custom action to install sql express silently.

Thanks & Regards


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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Microsoft claims that this issue is fixed as part of Cumulative update 2 for SQL Server 2014 SP1, but not sure about SQL Express edition. Did you try with SQL Server 2014 (SP3) Express?

On the other end, there is a way you can give users a choice whether to install a prerequisite or not. Please refer below link:


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