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Level 3

Installer shouldn't write product information on disk.

I need to create installer (MSI), that only unpack installation files into temp folder, execute custom action and finally remove files from temp.
Usually installers write information about product in add/remove programs and so on.
My installer souldn't.
I suppose, it must be possible.
I would be obliged for any advice.
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Level 10

I don't believe your requirements are well suited to an MSI installation. Your requirements seem mcuh better suited to an InstallScript project with the Maintenance Type set to "No Uninstall or Maintenance".

You're not really taking advantage of any of the things that MSI installations offer and you're asking it to do things that it doesn't do well--that's the worst of both worlds.

I'd rethink the approach if I were you.
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Level 3

May be you are right.
Anyhow the only thing I want to have from windows installer is to install prerequisites.
But I don't know install script and I have a managed library, that run scripts against database in specific order. And I dont have enough time to rewrite it to installsctipt 😞
Now I switch off register product in the installation sequences - its OK. But I still dont know how to remove files from disk after install 😞
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