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Installer cannot detect the schema numbers in a remote database

We have an Installscript MSI project type installer. This installer has a SQL connection (SQL Object) and it executes database scripts during the installation process. This installer supports DB connection to a remote SQL Server database server. We reply on Installshield's the schema numbers to conditionally execute the SQL Scripts.

We are running into issues during upgrading installation. When running the upgrading installer, the installer does not skip the SQL scripts with lower schema numbers. It fails to detect the schema number in the target database.

Here is the Log message:

1: Attempting to execute SQL scripts...
1: Determining if the SQL script 'CreateDB.sql' will be executed...
1: The SQL script will be executed because no schema version is found on the target database.

It incorrectly executes the SQL Scripts which should be skipped and It generates duplicate schema numbers in [InstallShield ] table.

Is this an Installshield issue? what is the best way to resolve this issue?

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