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Installed software works on Vista, but not XP

Now I have heard of the vice versa, but can anybody think of why software built using Installshield2008 might run properly on Vista and not XP? There are no errors in the build. When the software is started in XP you just get a message that it encountered a problem and needs to close. It then asks whether or not to send an error report to Microsoft.
The software requires .NET 2.0 and I have included it with the install. I have also included Windows Installer. There are no other requirements that I know of for the install. The developer has said all of the .dlls needed are there. I am racking my brain and I am looking for any ideas..Thanks!
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Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran

If it appears that all required files are installed on the target machine and any files that need to be registered are correctly registered, the next step would be to debug the application on machines where it is crashing, as the installer for the product may not be the issue. If an application makes assumptions about the target machine environment that are true on Vista and not on XP, and then takes some action on those assumptions, this could be the root cause of the behavior.
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I believe it has nothing to do with the setup. Are u sure you included the correct .NET 2.0 version?
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