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Installations of MS Project Add-In

I developed (using C# in Visual Studio 2012) an Add-In for MS Project 2010 (runs in 2007 too) and after build in release mode and execute my VSTO, it installs the Add-In and works fine.
So, to release a more friendly app, I want to use an installer app (InstallShield Express project) for my Add-In and I built it, but when I run the InstallShield app the add-in does not install.

My Application Files (InstallShield app) has the Primary output from the Add-In project, the manifest and vsto from release folder.

I dont know what is happening. I go trought all the InstallShield installation (without errors and warning) and the add-in does not install.

Points do consider:
**When I build the InstallShield project, I receive these two warnings:
ISEXP : warning : -7235: InstallShield could not create the software identification tag because the Tag Creator ID setting in the General Information view is empty.
ISEXP : warning : -6245: One or more of the project's components contain .NET properties that require the .NET Framework. It is recommended that the release include the .NET Framework.

Does it impact the installation process?

**I dont changing anything on machine's registry with the intallation
**Maybe this problem is about the OneClick certified?
**When I execute the VSTO, appears a confirmation window to preceed the instalation (its about security).
**When I execute the VSTO (on company name folder) generated after the execution of InstallShield, works fine and Add-In is installed.

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Im added a registry changes [HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Office/MS Project/Addins/MyaddIn]

Now the AddIn is installed, but... not working and not givem error message.

I realized that when execute my VSTO (that works fine), it makes a change in my registry key mentioned before and in this one
[HKEY_USERS/S-1-XXXXX/Software/Microsoft/Office/MS Project/Addins/Myaddin]

There is only one diference, the vstolocal in Manifest key.

I will try to remove the vstolocal from InstallShield
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I tryed and now, after InstallShield installation, when I open the MS Project, its prompt to me a screen to install the VSTO. I say YES and the Addin works, but...
In my Programs and Resources list of my Windows, there are two Addin installation.
When I remove (with same exe InstallShield), the program generated by VSTO is not remove and my MS Project does not show my AddIn anymore.

My AddIn uses a WebService (developed by me) and my impression is that dont works when I use the vstolocal.

I will try to show some messages before/after call to try debug.
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I cant find why my WebService does not work with InstallShield.

Can anyone help me?

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Please refer below links for detailed information on VSTO addin setup creation:

Could you please kindly provide us the full installation verbose log to investigate the issue further?

You can create verbose logs for BasicMSI projects by launching the setup with the following command line:
setup.exe /verbose"C:\PathToLog\LogFile.log"

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