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InstallShield setup.exe doesn't execute (Office is allegedly not installed)

Hi all,

I am developing an MS-Word Add-In with Visual Studio 2012 and I'm now trying to build an installer for my solution. This solution consists of 3 projects + the "InstallShield" setup-project. In the Requirements-part of the setup-project I ticked "Microsoft Office 2010 is Installed".

When I now start the setup.exe, an error message pops up that says "Microsoft Office 2010 or greater needs to be installed for this installation to continue." although it is already installed on my PC.

Does anybody have an explanation for this behavior?
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Level 2

We got the same problem when ran a setup created using Installshield LE with Visual Studio 2010/2012, in which the launch requirement for Office 2010 was checked.

Although the Office 2010 (32bit) was already installed on the PC (running 64bit Windows 8), the setup failed to find it and cannot continue to proceed.

Can Installshield tech-support clarify this?

Thank you in advance!
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