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InstallShield cannot open projectname.ism - how to diagnose?

I just installed IS 2016 SP2 side by side with my existing IS 2013 Premier.

I copied an existing InstallScript-based project to a new folder and went to open it, said yes to upgrading. There was one warning that I'd need to replace the spc for code signing with pfx.

I then go to open the upgraded project, and get a popup "InstallShield cannot open ... .ism". No error code or details about why.

I can look at the ISM in notepad++ and it's filled with XML as expected. Is there any way to diagnose this besides sending each project to Flexera support to look at?
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Level 4

Answer for anyone else who runs into this:

InstallShield was set to the wrong product license, so had features disabled that were needed to work with the project. But they really should fix the unhelpful error message.

I used the activation key displayed when going to the downloads area after logging in. This gave me a "DIM editor" license instead of a "Premier" license. I was able to fix this by going to Help > About, clicking the UPGRADE button, then entering a different activation code that Flexera had sent me by email.
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