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Level 5

InstallShield Suite Exe InstallScript Package Installation


I'm attempting to make a  Suite Installer using multiple InstallShield EXEs which use InstallScripts for the basis.

I'm using this guide to try and help me, but I'm running into issues.


Because I'm using an InstallScript I'm using the InstallScript Package detection condition, and I'm selecting the data1.hdr located in disk1 of the program InstallShield folder. I have it set to 'lesser than or equal to' which I hope means that the suite prompts an uninstall option if the programs are of the current version or older.

When I try to run the suite installer the first program properly installs/uninstalls but ignores the second one and says immediately that something has interrupted the wizard installer.

Any help?

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Level 5

I just decided to start from scratch again and taking it one step at a time. So far I got two of the 16 modules done and linked. The 3rd has a DirectXJune2010 prerequisite that I wish to silent install along side it but when I try to run download it via the Suite it says that the installation has failed or has been interrupted. It's the same baseline InstallScript Package like the others so I'm not sure why this one behaves differently.
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