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InstallShield Express with Visual Studio 2013


I just bought InstallShield Express 2 weeks ago. The trial version worked fine with Visual Studio 2008. So we decided to buy it and it was working fine. Now, we decided to buy Visual Studio 2013 for some reason. I am trying to make it work with VS2013 and it doesn't work. It gives an error message saying that it failed. It probably thinks that I do not have InstallShield installed on my computer.

Please help asap..

Thank you very much!
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Level 17

If you installed Visual Studio 2013 sometime after InstallShield was installed, InstallShield will not know about that version of Visual Studio. Have you tried running a repair of InstallShield? That should resolve the problem, and InstallShield will be integrated with Visual Studio 2013.

I hope that helps.
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