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InstallShield 2020 R3 as step in Azure DevOps Pipeline

I would like to include building to msi as a step in our Azure DevOps Pipeline. I have been following the steps here: 

I have purchased an Installshield 2020 Professional perpetual License, which doesn't seem to include the Licence Server. So am unable to fill these details in on the task.

Is it possible to integrate a perpetually licenced version in Azure DevOps Pipeline? or do I need to purchase a different licence?

Thanks for any advice.

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I'm not sure if you solved this already but I believe that when using your 2020 license that you need to configure a licensing server and make it accessible to your pipeline. 

It would mean you either host your licensing server online and make it accessible on the external web or the more common configuration is to install a Microsoft Azure DevOps agent on your local InstallShield 2020 PC with the licensing server installed locally and add this to your agent pool. 

I have not done either as we are currently trying to configure CLS with 2021 Premier which allows you to use a licensing server hosted by Flexera and then use the hosted build agents to look to this during the pipeline build. It is less maintenance but at a much higher price with the new subscription based model Revenera have introduced. It does removes the licensing cost of having a self-hosted agent in Azure DevOps though for this specific task. 

Good luck.