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InstallShield 2020 Premier : Added components are not set as 64 bit for 64 bit package


A developer will feel that even InstallShield 2020 is meant for authoring for 32 bit packages after experiencing it's default behavior !!

I set my project as a 64 bit package by:

1. General Information-> Template Summary : x64;1033

2. INSTALLDIR is set to a folder under 'ProgramFiles64Folder'

Now I add 100+ Windows binary file (exe and dll) under 'Files and Folders'.

To my surprise all these 100+ components are set as 32 bit and on building getting a warning that:

ISDEV : warning -7143: Component file-abc.exe installs to a 64-bit folder but is not marked as a 64-bit component. This may result in an incorrect installation path for this component's files.

Now I need to set this as 64 bit manually for 100+ components!!

Is there a setting to turn ON that all component I add is of 64 bit for 64 bit package?

If NOT, InstallShield Product Management Team, please wake up!! This is really annoying.

Please do not advise me to use direct editor as it is not a recommended approach.


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Level 4

Short answer:

  • Open your ism project
  • Direct Editor > InstallShield
  • Add New
    • Property = MsiComponentAttributes
    • Value = 256
  • Save Project

Now, new components will default to

Shared = No

64-Bit Component = Yes


In the User Guide search for  "Ability to Set the Default Value Used for Component Attributes" 


This feature started in InstallShield 2016

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