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InstallShield 2020 - LogonInformation Dialog not retrieving domain

We have been using the LogonInformation dialog in out InstallSHield installer for some time now but sometime back it stopped working displaying the error Server not found when using a domain name prefix for user credentials.

After investigating this issue on the Revenera community I see that InstallShield 2020 has been updated to implement a more secure way that does not utilise the computer browser service.  I therefore imported my project into InstallShield 2020 and rebuilt the solution hoping it would overcome the issue but I am still getting the Server not found error when entering the credentials like domainname\user name

After more investigation I see that the Function Discovery Resource Publication Service must be enabled so I have done this, but to no avail.

Would really love to hear from someone who has managed to overcome this issue as it is causing a massive issue with clients.

I am currently using InstallShield 2020 R3 Version 26

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