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InstallShield 2017 or next version?

Is there any information on when the next version of InstallShield is to be released? I note that IS 2016 is 14 months old and normally a new version is released every year. I'm looking to upgrade from IS 2014 and don't want to find out the week after buying IS 2016 that IS 2017 is coming out shortly. Thanks in advance.
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You might be waiting a while. For the most part, the product is mature as it is going to get. The underlying engine (Msiexec.exe) for the most part has stopped being updated by Microsoft, because everyone is moving to Cloud platforms. The latest package formats don't require a sophisticated packaging tool because of how they work (webdeploy, docker, kubernetes, xcopy, etc.) and so some superficial support was added for some of these, but there's not likely to be much more that can be done with IS.
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