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InstallShield 2015 SP1 Standalone Build

Hello, I need to install InstallShield2015SP1StandaloneBuild.exe silently on a number of building machines.

I've been unable to do so because I cannot figure our the correct command line properties. It simply shows the GUI whatsoever and does not have options to set license server, etc.

I tried to install it in the GUI mode, works fine.

What I specify in the GUI: installation path, concurrent license, license sever and port.

Please help to translate those GUI'ed options into the command line argument to the InstallShield2015SP1StandaloneBuild.exe.

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Level 2

The set of options from the:

Setup.exe /s /v"LICENSETYPE=2 SERVERNAME=MyServer PORTNUMBER=1234 /qn"

Seems to be not working. It does not install the IS2015 at all. Nothing happens. If I omit the '/s' option, the GUI has got all the fields pre-filled correctly though.
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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

I am able to silently install with the following command line:
InstallShield2015SP1StandaloneBuild.exe /s /v"LICENSETYPE=2 SERVERNAME=MyServer PORTNUMBER=1234 /qn"

Perhaps you used the name "setup.exe" rather than the name of the IS 2015SP1 SAB installer?
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