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InstallShield 2011 cab file question

Hello everybody.

Our software installation is almost 2GB. Downloading such a large file is to be taking quite a bit of time. Additionally, people who are bundling our install are forced to include the entire 2GB in their installation and that only compounds the size problem.

I am looking at options to reduce the size of the download. I was thinking whether is would be possible in some way to create cab files for each feature (or component). If I could make each feature (or component) as a separate cab file then users should be able to download only the .cab files that are required for their particular use and not the entire 2GB.

BTW, our installation is written using InstallShield 2011 installscript project.

Thanks for the attention.
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Level 3

run the release wizard for your release (release view->right click on your release) here you should come across a dialog where you can choose how your setup is packed (single .exe, everything unpacked, custom). select custom and you should be able to select either one cab per feature or per component and the features/components you would like to be compressed.

i only worked with installscript MSI projects so far, so i'm not a 100% sure if this works for you, but i hope the best.

regards, felix
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Level 3

Unfortunately, that did not work. It still puts all the files in one cab file.

Any other suggestions? Thanks for the help.
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Level 2

Any update on this ? Is there a way to establish FEATURE-CAB file mappting in Installscript project
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