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InstallShield 2011 IDE hangs in Windows 7 32-bit

I am in the process of moving my installation apps (IS 10.5, IS 2011 and IS 2012 Spring) from my old Windows XP machine to a Windows 7 (32-bit machine with SP1) due to the end of life for Windows XP. Anyway, I have installed all 3 and moved the licenses to the new machine, but I am having some serious problems anytime I try to build some existing projects. InstallShield 2011 (version 17 with Hotfix A applied) sometimes hangs when it is attempting to sign files and other times it is successful. However, anytime I do a compile or build and the output window opens at the bottom of the screen, if I attempt to resize the output window pane the IDE freezes, "Not Responding" appears in the title bar, the cursor changes to the hourglass and I am unable to interact with the IDE at all! I have to force the app to close and restart it. Any suggestions, besides don't resize the window pane?
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With the information provided, it would indicate to me that there is an issue with resources on the build machine.

Additionally, InstallShield uses a 3rd party exe to sign output files. You can use this exe to sign your files outside of InstallShield by using the following file:
C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2013\System\signcode.exe

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I wish that were the case, but it's not. I have IS 2012 Spring on the same machine and it does not exhibit this behavior when dragging the output window pane splitter.

The signing tool works fine most of the time. I have it setup exactly like it was on the XP machine. It only hangs periodically, not always. Most of the time it is successful.
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