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Level 3

InstallShield 2010 Pro - does not find Setup.Rul

I have been using INstallshield 2010 Pro and had a project created. Now all of a sudden I cannot open it and the error is "cannot find Setup.rul". I had a backup of this project and tried to open that one (thinking my working version might have gotten corrupted), but I still get that error.

Can somebody please help me find a solution to this. I am under a deadline and would really appreciate some help.

thank you very much.
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Level 10

Two questions:

  • Have you moved the project file at all?

  • If you look in the project folder, is there a folder called "Script Files" and is the Setup.rul file there?
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    Level 3

    Dan Thank you. I will look into that, soon as I get access to my server on Monday.
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