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Install shield LE custom actions

Hi all,
I created setup deployment project in Visual studio 2012 Install shield LE spring edition. I want to add custom action exe into deployment project at "After setup complete success dialog". My custom action exe was created in win32 environment and it used to install device drivers using DIFX API's of WDK 8.0,also my exe take command line argument like "DiFX.exe /p HMI0000.inf 2" . But when I run my setup.exe its not going to be executed as my driver not getting installed. My custom action setting are as below

Source Location - Install with this product
Command Line - "/p" "HMI0000.inf" "2"
Wait For action - Yes
Ignore Exit code - No
Condition - Has condition
Always Install is set to be installed
Please help me if I am doing any wrong. Please tell me how it will be done.
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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Hello Suraj,

I suspect, the custom action not getting executed properly due to the fact that HMI0000.inf path not getting resolved in run time. try to use absolute path of the HMI0000.inf file in the command line argument.

I also noticed that you used "\p" "HMI0000.inf" "2" command line( entire command line should be in between "", no need of using separate "" for each arguement) in the custom action.

Could you please kindly try to install the driver package from command line manually and make use of the same in the custom action and check if the installer shows the same behavior?

Hope this helps.

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