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Install different redistributables for x86, x64 and ia64

Hi all,

I'm going to include some large redistributables in my installer, and need to install the correct ones depending on machine arcitecture.

My first thought was to include all in the build and add conditions on them, but the conditions seem only to be on the OS, not the CPU type.

My ideal solution to this would be to be able to produce 3 installers from my project, one for each CPU type with the correct redist files in it. That would allow users to pick whichever they wanted.

Is that possible? If not is there a way to detect the CPU architecture. I have seen some ways of detecting a 32/64 bit difference or and Intel chip, but intel makes x86, x64 and ia64 chips 😞

Thanks for reading.
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Level 4

hi there,

u can readout the environment var PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE

and build conditions with it
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Level 3

An easier way is to use the internal variables in the installer

Intel64 or Msix64

They will be set to true (or 1) if running the the specific platform type.

Please note that your installer will have to be a 32 bit isntaller and will therefore not be able to use the [ProgramFiles64Folder] property or have access to the 64 bit portion of the registry.
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