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Level 7

Install components on setup modify base on a condition


I have a Basic MSI setup created with InstallShield 2015 It has one feature with two components, in the setup wizard I have a check box and its value is used as a condition of Component2 .

At first run the checkbox is cleared so Component2 is not installed, now I run modify of the setup and a checked the checkbox and I expect that Component2 will be installed but it doesn’t, Component2 include some registry values and shortcuts and REINSTALLMODE value is omos

What am I doing wrong ? How can I make Component2 to be installed ?
I have tried to reevaluate condition to yes but it doesn't help.
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Level 9

A Component that is not originally installed cannot be added like that. You can add Features during Maintenance mode, but you cannot add Components during Maintenance mode.

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