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Install application in Custom folder

 Hi Members,

I would like the user to give the option to select a custom folder for e.g. c:\test1\test2\ to install the application. Note the folder c:\test1\test2 is not present on the user machine. The user will create the folder c:\test1\test2. After the user selects the folder(c:\test1\test2\) the application should get installed on c:\test1\test2\[INSTALLDIR].

Users should also have the functionality to install the application on the default directory i.e. [INSTALLDIR]. Please advise how do I achieve this functionality.

I used the below two links, and the user was able to install in for e.g. c:\test1\test2\ .
I am unable to achieve how to create a default directory say "abc" (without user creating the same)  inside c:\test1\test2\ so the complete path is c:\test1\test2\abc\ and all the files are inside abc where "abc" is the default folder so if the user doesn't change the path it will get installed in c:\abc.



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