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Install after Uninstall

Hi there,

I'm sorry if these are naive questions - but I haven't had much luck finding a solution on these forums / documentation.

I would like the Maintenance behavior to show only Remove / Repair dialogue (with default Remove), and do a fresh installation following a 'Remove'.

I have adjusted the UI (SdWelcomeMaint) to show only Remove/Repair. I wrote my own Maint functions that read as below. I'm trying to call OnFirstUIBefore to do the installation. However, after uninstalling the application, it simply dies after running through the OnFirstUIBefore call i.e. it doesn't copy any files.

function OnMaintUIBefore()
number ret;

ret = SdWelcomeMaint ("", "",REMOVEALL);

case 302: //repair
case 303: //remove all


function OnMaintUIAfter()
string szOutput;
number ret;



I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can help me with the following questions:

1) What do I do to make sure the installation continues after the call to OnFirstUIbefore()? On a related note, is there a better approach to force an installation?

2) How do I change the default radio-button selection To Remove (right now, nothing is selected)? I'm sure there is any easy way to do this, but I couldn't find anything intuitive. I tried calling SdWelcomeMaint with the REMOVEALL option but that doesn't seem to work.

p.s. I had posted this earlier in another thread I felt was relevant. Apologies for posting this here again, but that thread now seems to be moving in another direction.
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Flexera Alumni

Out of curiosity, how would the product ever be completely removed in this situation?

Do you foresee the original media being available for the new install after uninstall? I don't think the data files are automatically cached in for an InstallScript project.
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Level 3

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the reply. I see your point - I just wanted to indicate the direction of the attempt I was making - it probably wouldn't work right for a "Remove Only" situation.

So, what would be the best way to go about this? It would be of great help if you can point me in the right direction.

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