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Install a second program silently, not working

What is the proper process for installing a second .exe file silently? I have InstallShield installing the second file but I am doing something wrong. The setup.exe file is twice the size it should be and takes forever to install. I added a custom action to install the second .exe file and the only way that would work is if it went to files and added the .exe file there as well. But I think the file is in there twice now. A simple step by step on how to do a silent install of a second program is all I really need, so I can see where I went wrong.

Any help appreciated!
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Hi zac_rscom,

It sounds like 2 issues here.

1. Launching your exe silently.
The silent command for an exe file is /s. Now .exe file is just a wrapper. You will need to find out what kind of installation is enbedded inside. Like MSI or Installscript. Get this silent install working outside of Installshield before introducing the second install into you Installshield project.

With msi, you need to pass another command into the msi with the /v switch.
setup.exe /s /v "/qn"

.exe command line parameters:

Run a Silent Installation

Authoring a Silent Installation

2. Launching a second install in Installshield.
Create your custom action that launches and use the command created above.
Sequence the custom action to be after installfinalize.

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