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Install a certificate file to Trusted Root via Installshield 2010 Custom Action

Hello Friends,

I'm a new comer to Installshield 2010. I have developed a database application with Microsoft Visual Basic 2008. After that I have deployed that software with Installshield 2010. There have some merge modules like VC_Redist and Crystal Reports. Now I want to install a certificate file (.cer) to LocalMachine TrustedRoot path. I have read some forums and articles about that. I think this work will success with a custom action in installsheld 2010. But I don't know to do it. I don't know about binary tables and their functionality. And also I don't know about how to setup a custom action in installshield 2010. If anyone can help me on this issue, I'm very thankful about that.

Thank You!
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Level 4


I have same problem... Has anybody idea?

Thank you in advance.
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