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Install Third Party DLL refernced in Project to Global Assemby Cache

Hi All,

I am trying to Install Third party DLL's to GAC from Install shield installer.

Steps followed-

1. Under Files-> Destination computer Folder chose predefined GAC. Added needed files to Destination computer using add files option. When build the project received error, No Output for project were provided but installation project references.

2. Under Files-> Destination computer folder chose predefined GAC. Add output option, all the available .NET projects list got displayed. Chose one of the projects locally referenced option. Build was successful but while installing, it threw an error file not found.

When, added Primary output same way in step 2, for available projects. The build and installation was successful. The intended DLL got added to GAC.

Need you help in getting the third party DLL's to GAC. Any other alternative could also be helpful. Thanks in advance.




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