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Install Shield SQL Scripts Runtime tab script condition.

I've recently taken over for a deceased coworker for creating our install shield packages.  I have pretty much searched everywhere for the meaning of these codes in the Runtime Script Condition to no avail.  The conditional statement is : ALBX_UPGRADE=10000 AND (ALBX_INSTALL_TYPE=1 OR ALBX_INSTALL_TYPE=3).  Can someone explain to me what this means?  I've also searched the forums and user guides but can't seem to find what all the options could be and what they would all mean.  Can you provide me with a list of them and what they are and do or point me to where I might find them?  Back in the old days, install shield came with a book that provided all of this information and yet the user guide doesn't provide this information.  Any reason why?

Any help is appreciated.

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