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Install Shield Limited Edition for Visual Studio converting setup files

I cannot seem to find the correct forum for this. Please pass me to the correct area.

Here is my issue. we are converting from VS2010 to VS2013. We have several setup projects. I am trying to use the VS Deployment Project Import wizard.

The error is as follows (there are 3 of them):

The Visual Studio project '{9FA1E33E-44C3-487B-BF64-34D8B8F06662}' could not be found in the current Visual Studio solution. The project output '_AA1A4DBD80434B5BA8745F1C3E354455' was not converted.

The VS Deployment project GUID {9FA1E33E-44C3-487B-BF64-34D8B8F06662} is in the solution file and is in the 'Old' VS vdproj file (seen in notepad). The old deployment file is shown in the VS2013 GUI but is marked as 'Incompatible'

This error doesn't seem to be giving correct information. Any Ideas for solving this?
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When you run through the VS Deployment Project Import Wizard, you might want to re-check the path location given, as the VS solution you are trying to convert is missing from the current location.

Please take sometime to have a look at the below article for more information on this:

Hope this helps.

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