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Install Script failes to call .NET method from Network share


I have an issue with Install Shield 2011 built setup packages, I have used .NET assembly along with ISM project, I am calling methods under button click events of custom dialogs designed in the project.

When I build setup package and execute from the local disk of the machine, it is able to call .NET method from Install Script associated with button click event of Custom Dialog in the ISM project. However it fails to execute the same scenario when I place the setup package on network share and execute from the same location on some other machine.

please put some comments or suggestions on this, how to resolve this issue.
since this is important to deliver along with our product in March 2011.
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Flexera Alumni

It's difficult to say without particulars; does everything besides the custom code work? If so, are there return values or exceptions you can check in the code? For a made-up example, if the code writes a temporary file near the installer, perhaps the account running the installer doesn't have privileges on the network drive?
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Is the .NET assembly physically on the network share with the MSI? ( Uncompressed in the 'Disk1' folder? )

If so, yeah, that won't work. I suggest googling .NET CASPOL.
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This is in continuation to the problem definition provided by Shyam_eg. Shyam and I work for the same team and hence I am providing more details regarding the problem.

1. We have a Basic MSI project coded in Install Shield 2011.
2. The project includes several Install Script Custom Actions which are invoked on the click of buttons on the dialogs. The custom action invokes .net functions contained in a .Net dll which is added into the Support Files and folders section.

One of the custom action does the below
1. Updates the property table using MsiSetProperty Method.
2. Updates the features table (this is to hide and show features dynamically based on user input).
3. Has a business logic that returns either of the interger values of -1, 0, 1,2,3

When we compile the project and copy the setup.exe and all its related files and folders into the installation machine and click on setup.exe on the installation machine directly. The installation completes successfully.

Whereas if we copy the setup.exe and all its related files and folders into a shared network location and click on the setup.exe on the network share from the installation machine, the installtion fails at the custom action that updates the property table and the Features Table.

This leads us to believe that the installation fails while trying to update the MSI Database.
Note: The installer is placed in a shared folder on the network drive

The system Task manager indicates that the setup.exe runs under the local administrators account.

Please help us in tracking down the issue.

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