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Install Script - Unable to read string values from String Table

I have recently migrated from InstallShield 12 to InstallShield 2010 in a Windows 7 machine. I have multiple strings in the String Table (String Editor) which I'm not able to read from the Install Script. If I run the project in debug mode and select one of the strings ( e.g @MyString ) it gives me the following error "Error: symbol "@MyString" not found.".
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Level 3

I have try looking in this forum for the answer to my problem but I have been unable to find it. Here is an example of the code that I'm using:

nResult = MssLoadUpdateDestPath( );

MssGetSysDrive( gszApplDir );

if ( nResult = 0 ) then
MssGetApplUpdDir( gnvLogFile, @SYS_ID, gszApplDir, IFX_COMPANY_NAME);
TARGETDIR = gszApplDir;

The @SYS_ID string identifier seems to be an invalid identifier. But I have it in the String Identifier table where the value is not empty.

I would appreciate any help from you guys I honestly can't find what is the problem.

Thank you
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Level 8

@SYS_ID must read your string value.
Btw, what are the argument types for MssGetApplUpdDir() function?
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Level 3

Thank you for the response. You are correct, it should read the value from the table but is not happening.

I also created a new Install Script project, and added a message box MessageBox( @MyString, INFORMATION ) that displays a value from a string identifier that I have on the table in the OnBegin event. When the box is displayed the value in the string is not included in the dialog box. If I execute the program in debug mode and highlight the string @MyString to see its value I get the error "Error: symbol "@MyString" not found.".

Bellow is the function with the parameters and the types that it takes.

MssGetApplUpdDir( nvLogFile: NUMBER,
szApplDir: STRING,
svCompanyName: STRING )
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