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Importance of one DLL per component?

I apologize in advance because this topic has probably been discussed in detail, but the threads in my searches have not completely answered all of my questions.

Briefly… how important is it to restrict components to each contain only one DLL? I am remaking our Basic MSI installation (it’s been ported from release to release since 4.0) using IS 2008. We want this installation to be Vista Certified, so I’ve turned on the “Best Practices” warnings. Our app has roughly 300 DLLs most of which had been part of one “component”. From reading the threads I can see the benefit of making smaller “components” (mainly repairing), but it seems unwieldy to go to the opposite extreme and make 300 separate components.
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You dont need to create manually those 300 components, just select the files and import via file section in your project. InstallShield will then create those component automatically (it should !)
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