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ISXmlUninstall not working in maintenance mode


i have a problem with ISXmlUninstall not working as expected.

I have 4 features which all write settings in one configfile.

Installation works fine and the uninstall xml test feature produces the results i expect.
I was quite amazed by the output i get from the test.

i see how many components are affected
i see what files are touched
i see what xpath are used

Now the Problem:

if i select change installation after a successful installation from controlpanel and uninstall one of the features the xml files are not touched.

in the install logfile i see that my feature and component with the xml files are in localstate installed actionstate abscent wich is what i expect.

And all files associated with that feature are removed as expected.

But there are no changes applied to the xmlfile and i dont know why.

is there any way to get more logging as i dont know whats wrong.

im using /lvoicewarmupx! as cmdline option.

but i only see something like

started isxmluninstall
isxmluninstall returned 0

im using installshield 1012, win 7 x64, and msxml 6.0

any help or advice would be very aprecheated

i really dont want to read all the xml tables and apply changes in a new customaction with decent logging capabilities

cheers Jan
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Level 2


i wrote my own customaction to apply xml changes defined in the IsXml* Tables
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