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ISSCHEDULEREBOOT doesn't seem to be set in Win7 64bit


I am running a basic MSI installation with a ISSCHEDULEREBOOT condition to decide whether the application should be started (if ISSCHEDULEREBOOT <> 1 the installer starts the application).

This works in other platforms but not in Win7 64bit. I noticed in the installation log files there is no reference to ISSCHEDULEREBOOT so it does not seem it is even being set.

Does anyone know if this is a IS2010 limitation on Win7? Is there another way to test for reboot in Win7?

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Re: ISSCHEDULEREBOOT doesn't seem to be set in Win7 64bit

The ISSCHEDULEREBOOT property is only set if setup.exe detects a condition that needs a reboot after the MSI package has been installed. Typically this is due to installing a new version of the Windows Installer. This could also be the case for setup prerequisites that have been configured to delay a reboot if one is needed.

If none of these situations are encountered, this property will not be set. Any other reboot behavior would normally be controlled by Windows Installer (for example, a file was in use that needed to be replaced by the InstallFiles action), which does not rely on the ISSCHEDULEREBOOT property.
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