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ISHiddenProperties not working after system reboot - Suite Installer

Hello Friends,

ISHiddenProperties properly works when you start your installation. But when you need to reboot your system [such as cases after installing SQL], when next time the installation resumes again all the hidden properties values will be displayed in the log files

Any solution for this? please suggest.

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Level 6


Any help on this? waiting for some suggestions.

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I am surprised that after reboot the logging continues. I do not see this in my installers.
However, my installers have migrated from IS2012 to IS2016 and so may be missing something that handles this.

That being said, this sounds like a bug. Do you have a maintenance plan with InstallShield? If so I would create a small project that replicates the problem, and submit a ticket to InstallShield with the project that reproduces the problem.

In IS2012 and 2013, there wasn't even a ISHiddenProperty option. So to handle passwords, I had to use a temporary password that would be exposed in logging, but have a custom action that would alter login and set the appropriate sql password. I still have this method in place today and it has worked reliably since 2013 when we deployed the application.
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