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ISEXP : error : -6109: Internal build error

I get ISEXP : error : -6109: Internal build error when building an ASP.NET installer. What are the likely causes? Or what can I tinker with to resolve this?

InstallShield 2013 SP1 Express Edition

Here is the output window:
------ Rebuild All started: Project: Install, Configuration: CD_ROM ------
Created release folders
AdminExecuteSequence table successfully built
AdminUISequence table successfully built
AdvtExecuteSequence table successfully built
AdvtUISequence table successfully built
InstallExecuteSequence table successfully built
InstallUISequence table successfully built
Directory table successfully built
Feature table successfully built
FeatureComponents table successfully built
Component table successfully built
Loading File table
Building File table
ISEXP : error : -6109: Internal build error

The build stops here with no further explanation.
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Level 17

This KB article offers some possible causes and solutions:

I hope that helps.
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Level 3

Yes, that fixed it!

In my case, I had changed the contents of a folder in the ASP.NET project. Some files in that folder were new, some deleted, and some modified. That folder was included in the 'Content Files' in the installer. Evidently, the installer did not like the deleted files. The 'fix' was to delete that entire folder from the project, and then add it again. After that, the -6109 installer build error disappeared.

This seems like an installer bug. Has it been fixed in 2014?
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