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ISEXP : error : -6109: Internal build error - VS 2015

I have used installshield for as long as I can remember but this message has me baffled. I have gone through the project and cleaned it and optimized my project to have only needed references but I still get this message. Is there any utility to deconstruct the file it is failing on? If i remove my ContentFile folder it will complete but obviously I need those files to run the app. If someone can tell me how to debug installshield's list of "ContentFiles" I go step by step to see what might not be available.

I am using SVN but have gone through it and see nothing unusual. _ Any Help would be appreciated!!!!

1>------ Rebuild All started: Project: MyMobileCloser, Configuration: Release Any CPU ------
1> MyAPP-> C:\Users\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\MyAPP\trunk\Version1\MYAPP\bin\myapp.dll
2>------ Rebuild All started: Project: Setup1, Configuration: SingleImage ------
2>Created release folders
2>AdminExecuteSequence table successfully built
2>AdminUISequence table successfully built
2>AdvtExecuteSequence table successfully built
2>AdvtUISequence table successfully built
2>InstallExecuteSequence table successfully built
2>InstallUISequence table successfully built
2>Directory table successfully built
2>Feature table successfully built
2>FeatureComponents table successfully built
2>Component table successfully built
2>Loading File table
2>Building File table
2>ISEXP : error : -6109: Internal build error
2>Express\SingleImage - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)
2>Log file has been created:
========== Rebuild All: 1 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 skipped ==========
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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Here is what I was able to find for your -6109 error:

1- Files Specified as Project Outputs are Not in the Correct Location
When you add files to a Visual Studio .NET project, you add pointers called project outputs. The outputs of the project are the files required at run time to run the project. You must build these files in Visual Studio .NET before building the installation project.
If the files specified as the project outputs are not where you specified they should be or if at one point the project outputs pointed to files but now they no longer do, then this error can occur. Make sure that the project outputs of your Visual Studio .NET project point to the files needed to run your project.

2- Project Files Are Not On The System
Verify that all files listed in the project are present in the file system.

3- Comma In File Name
If one of the files has a comma in the file name, this error can occur. In this case, either remove the comma from the file name or exclude the file from the build.

4- Shared Dependency
There have been reports that in some cases this error can occur if two files (ie. DLLs) have the same dependency. Remove the dependency from one of the files in the InstallShield project.

5- Files Checked Into Source Control Reference Files That Don't Exist
If the .NET project is under source control, a .NET project file could be checked in that references a number of files that don't actually exist in source safe. In this case simply delete the bogus file references from the project.

6- Product Being Built Is Also Installed On The Same Machine
There have been reports that this error has occurred if the product being built has also been installed on the same machine. If this is the case, uninstall the product or rebuild the release on a clean machine.

7- Corrupted .NET
There have been reports that this problem has been resolved by reinstalling .NET from scratch and also possibly a reinstall of Installshield.

8- Changing project settings such as setting .NET Scan at Build to none may also resolve the issue as well.
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Thank you jkell for your response. The information you gave is the standard help document linked to the VS2015 compile error.

Not sure if this site will post this answer but here was my solution. I never got the InstallSheild to give me enough details about which of the VAST general categories that was tripping this error message. I want to go on record as saying i have used InstallSheild since it was available in VS. This was the first time i have encountered problems with the simple and quick install utility. And will continue to use it when I can get it to compile.

My process of trouble shooting the error message:

Installed this :

Complied and noticed similar errors as Installsheild.

Then i found a suggestion to "PUBLISH TO FILE" my project and that process would give greater details about the issue.

The issue was in fact one of the listed items in the help section for error -6109 which was SVN "ghost files" not present. Once I removed this files, which didn't show on my VS VisualSVN list, the MS Setup Project Compiled.

In honesty, I didn't take the time to install another InstallSheild Setup project to see if that cured it, I suspect it did since it was one of the listed known issues.

I just wish the developers of the Express/VS version would simply allow the system to dump the file trace as it builds the file table. - This would be EXTREMLY SIMPLE TO DO AS A DEVELOPER!!!

Hope this helps others in the future!
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