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ISDEV : Warning -7205: Skipping file ... due to unmerged or missing component


I am using Install Shield 2013 to build my MSI's, everything was working fine till few days back. I have started getting "ISDEV : Warning -7205: Skipping file ... due to unmerged or missing component ... in merge module" whenever I try to build this MSI. I have already tried the below option, but didn't work. Please let me know how to resolve this. Thanks.

The maximum number of files that can be included in an MSI-based project is dependent upon the number of bits available in the Media table. The number of bits in the Media table is 15. By default, a maximum of 32,767 files can be added directly to a project. However, larger packages can be authored.

To author a larger package, follow these steps:
1. Backup the following file: \Support\0409\IsMsiPkg.itp.
Note: By default, is the installed location of the MSI Editor (DevStudio, IS X, etc)

2. Overwrite this file by renaming the file: Support\0409\IsMsiPkgLarge.itp to IsMsiPkg.itp

3. Rebuild the project.

This uses the larger InstallShield template that allows more than 32,767 files to be included in the project.
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I know this is an old thread. But I searched for error 7205 and this is the only result that came back and others may do the same thing. So here is the solution for my issue.

I'd written a Merge Module and was including it in several projects and this had been working for some time. I added some new components and then although the Merge Module built ok, when ever I attempted to build a project that used it, I got 147 of these warnings, one for each file in the Merge Module. The projects did actually build, ending with 0 Errors, 147 Warnings. I assumed the files were missing, but didn't actually confirm this.

Eventually I tracked the problem down to a Typo for one of the new components in the 'ModuleSubstitution' table of the Merge Module. The third column called 'Column' which contained the primary key for the table that was the subject of the substitution. I'd typed "Directory" instead of "Directory_"
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In my case I had misidentified the merge module as intel64;1033 when it was actually x64;0. I rebuilt the merge module and all was well.
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