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ISComponentServiceUninstall - how to use it?

I'm installing a COM+ component in my install, but it is not removed when I uninstall the product. Shouldn't ISComponentServiceUninstall remove the COM+ object for me? I noticed ISComponentServiceUninstall wasn't even getting fired on uninstall to I set a condition on the CA to make it fire, so now it fires on uninstall, but the COM+ object still appears in DCOMCNFG.

Do I just need to write my CA to remove the COM+ object?:confused:
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Level 17

The ISComponentServiceUninstall action will not remove COM+ applications if the Disable Deletion setting is turned on, or the components that are associated with the COM+ applications are not uninstalled. Have you tried creating a Windows Installer verbose log for the installation? That might help to identify the issue.
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