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Level 4

IS2009 Running Slow

I am reviewing IS2009 and have converted my main installation project from IS12 to IS2009.

I have noticed that the project is alot slowing building and when I run the actual installation it is also slower running.

My project is a pure installscript project.

Has anybody else encountered this and are there any suggestions on anything I can do to increase the speed of the build and install itself.
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Level 9

I have not run across this on the 4 InstallScript projects I have converted from 2008. Some of these were originally written in 12 but were converted to 2008 first.
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Level 7

My project was converted from IS11.5 to IS2009 and I have noticed a couple of areas where the installation, and removal, are much slower. The first is Writing System Registry settings, which appears twice during install. The first time is very quick but the second time is glacial. Similarly with Remove System Registry settings.

I was hoping the build process might have improved from 11.5 to 2009, but it seems just as agricultural if not slower. Looking at the time stamps in DISK1 folder, nearly 20 mins for a 400MB cab file now as opposed to about 15 mins previously.

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