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IS12 to IS2010 migration

Since a few days we rolled out our migration project to IS2010. We try to achieve this by running a dual installation on our buildserver. Both IS12 and IS2010 StandAlone builder are installed. Most of the times this works perfectly.

But a few setups since then failed with the following error:

Error Executing script : OnExecute
Unable to open file: D:\IO\Packager\PRODUCT\Autobuild\20100721_2330\InstallShield\Product.ism. : The project was created using a more recent version of InstallShield Developer or the project has been updated to a more recent version of InstallShield Developer.
Line : 4
Char : 1

Allthough we are sure that the correct Product.ism was built with the correct StandAlone builder. (this is a IS12 setup) Anyone has a clue how this situation can occur?

We have 2 Finalbuilder projects, one corresponding with SA12 and one with SA2010. We have 2 SVN branches, one with .ISM (IS12) and one with .ISM (IS2010). As long as we are in transition phase, we want to be able to build both setups.

Maybe the issue is caused by the fact that another .ism or dll was not flushed from memory? Because the IS12 and IS2010 setup are built around the same moments... (after midnight)

Thanks in advance!
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Can't see how this is possible...
Maybe FinalBuilder is somehow using the IS2010 Path sometimes to open the IS12 ism which will upgrade the project then when the IS12 one tries to build it, you get that message... When the IS12 setup fails, if you look at the ism location, do you see another ism with the same name + .7##? If you do then you know that IS2010 builder tried to open the IS12 file...
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