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Level 3

IS 2012 Spring SA installation error

Can 2012 SA Build and 2012Spring SA Build be installed on the same machine? I get the error "Another version of this product is already installed..." when trying to install 2012 Spring SA on the computer where 2012 SA Build is already installed. It seems that those two versions share the same ProductCode and UpgradeCode, so one is just the maintenance upgrade of another...
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Level 17

I submit the work order #IOA-000070978 so that we can track the issue. I will post information as soon as we find out a solution.

Thank you for reporting this!
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Level 9

Anything on this yet? I can't install the SAB for 2012 Spring on my build machine that already contains 2012. I can't believe something like this made it through testing.
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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

The Standalone Build has been fixed an uploaded to the Flexera Software Product and License Center. The fix will allow the 2012 SAB and the 2012 Spring SAB to co-exist on the same machine. If you download the installer now, you will be sure to have the fixed version.

Thank you for your patience.
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Level 7

As I recall, in each Beta test program there are a number of testers that ask for access to the Beta version of the SA builder, but it is not made availble. Maybe it is time to listen to this input.

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