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INSTALLDIR is incorrect when running the install shield.

Hello, I am using Install Shield Limited Edition on Visual Studio 2013. There seems to be an issue with the default install directory. The value that I have specified for INSTALLDIR is not being used as the Destination Folder when I run the compiled setup.exe. Instead, Program Files\[Company Name] is used.

But when I right click on the install shield project in visual studio 2013 and go to Install, the correct value for INSTALLDIR is used. I am certain that I'm running the same setup.exe file that is generated by the project, which is projectName\Express\DVD-5\DiskImages\DISK1\setup.exe.

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Hi Alex,

This behaviour is not shown in InstallShield Limited Edition 2013 BETA for Visual Studio 2012. However, we shall investigate the same issue with Visual Studio 2013 and get back to you at the earliest.

Thank you,
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