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Level 2

IE Shortcuts for all :-)


I have been scouring the community but cannot find an answer to this.

How do you create an IE Favorite for all users as well as placing one into the Links bar?

I have tried quite a few things with no luck so far.


I am using InstallShield 2012 Spring - Professional Edition
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Level 7

This might be an acceptable workaround, although it does not create an IE Favorite. The approach is to install a *.url file which will open the website when double-clicked, and supply a shortcut to that file.

Lesson Learned: How to make a shortcut that launches the browser and sends it to a specific website.

1. Create a *.txt file, say MyWebsite.txt

2. Open the *.txt file in Notepad, and enter this:


3. Modify the extension of the file; rename it as MyWebsite.url

4. Now when you double-click this shortcut, the "default browser" (Internet Explorer or anything other browser) will launch and go to the specified website.

As learned in the following website:
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