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I need to install my setup.exe if some folder exists in install directory location


I am having an installer which is building with the help of Installshield. When I run the installer it will get installed successfully and creates all files and folders inside the INSTALLDIR folder. 

But, I must do a validation before my installer get installed, I need to check for a specific folder  whether it exists or not inside the INSTALLDIR. 

for instance: C:\inetput\wwwroot\MustExistFolder

my setup another directory like : C:\inetput\wwwroot\NewFolder


I understand to use system search to find the folder and store the value and build the condition statement for the install under "install condition"

Under system search wizard:

      Searching for "folder name" in "full path"

      Store the value in property "ALLUSERS"

      then selecting "store the value in the property and use the property in an install condition"

I am confused on how to build my conditional statment;



My experience in conditionals is programming based, if that helps, this is what I need to do in installshield

(IF ALLUSERS != C:\inetput\wwwroot\MustExistFolder

                     then InstallMsi)


Looking for some help here 🙂

Thanks and Regards

Naveen G

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