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Level 6

I need to be able to run modify but with dialog?

Basic MSI project.
In my project I have a a situation where I would like my user to be able to rerun the set-up file and add more files based on a user dialog I have. But when you install and rerun set-up you get modify, repair, and uninstall options.
"Modify" takes you directly to the feature selection which just somehow "remembers" what was set (user dialog property) during the original installation and re-runs that. I want to be able to re-display the parameters dialog I have created, take that input again, then re-run any features that were selected.

I see in Maintenance dialogs on the NEXT button, progresstypes0-3 but I'm not sure how to intervene and set my dialog in between them? Modify has ProgressType0 with parameter = "modify"?????
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Level 6

Ok, I think I figured it out. There are NEXT dialogs set in maintenence that I can alter the dialog order, etc. I'll giev that a try.

It looks like I'll scrap most of the basic dialogs and retool some new ones creating my own user flow.
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